2nd EUROGI imaGIne Conference 2014

Geographic Information Expertise: Made in Europe

8 & 9 October 2014, Berlin, Germany

2nd EUROGI Imagine Conference 2014

The main key aim of this conference is to show the best Europe has to offer in the GI study field.

Inteligent cities, power, demography, job creation and economic growth, clean environment, open education and open doors governance are some of the main fields in which the poin of GI will be viewed as in detail during interactive seminaries. Another field of focus will be the E.U's multi-billion investment in Copernicus programe, a satellite based initiative which in the near future will provide massive data amounts of new detailed GI which can be used across many fields.

As an example of the use of GI there will be a seminar which focusses on the financial industry. Examples of how expenses can be avoided and efficiency profits can be made will be prezented. Whilst the focus will be on the finance industry delegates could get knowledge which apply to many other sectors, such as sales, transportation, health, safety and security.
We all are very aware that we live in an increasingly globalised world. Apart from focussing on specific fields such as energy etc and an industry (finance) top teachers will place European Union in a global GI context; what are our current pros and cons and where are the globally emerging opportunities on the basis of new and emerging GI technologies.

Brochure with all basic info is available here.

Why Participate?

  • ImaGIne Conference

    Get knowledge into cutting edge European GI policy and practice, network with key European speakers and teachers and GI data and service providers

    Explore tens of stands showing a wide variety of GI related products and services. All the top companies are present here

    A great city to visit, eat and live. A city with a real buzz


8 & 9 October 2014

Berlin, Germany
With a guided tour of the
INTERGEO fair on 7 October



Interview with the President of EUROGI Mr Bruce McCormack during imaGIne Conference 2014 and INTERGEO Fair

The imaGIne Conference 2014 was held in the same venue and at the same time as the annual INTERGEO fair. President of EUROGI, Mr Bruce McCormack was ...


2nd EUROGI imaGIne Conference 2014

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